• A friend asked me about saxophone sizes. So here they are from small (apx.14in.) to large (apx.4ft.):

1. Sopranino in Eb curved (rare).
2. Sopranino in Eb straight.
3. Soprano in C straight.
4. Soprano in Bb curved (Garth uses this).
5. Soprano in Bb straight.
6. Messo Soprano in F (rare).
7. Alto in Eb curved.
8. C Melody Saxophone curved in C.
9. Tenor in Bb curved (Garth's favorite).
10. Baritone in Eb curved.
11. Bass in Bb curved (& heavy).

* There are other variations such as:
Saxello and even a Slide Saxophone. Most remarkable is a saxophone two-stories high made by the Conn Instrument Company that was trucked from music store to music store across the continent to promote sales.

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