• Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters,

Today I have have discovered that I, among thousands of you, have been bambuzzled about another word we grew up knowing we had learnt correctly. It is very disillusioning... well at least a sad feeling. There seems to be a word many of us have been misusing. Oh great vocabulary in the sky, Why hast thou brought such sad news after a lifetime of contentment about this one word?

You ask what word? The word is learned!!! It only exists as a two-syllable word and is not used as a one-syllable, past-tense word. Instead the only past tense word to use is: L e a r n t !!!!! I am 57 years old and always thought learnt was a slang word. I never knew I could have used it in scrabble. Who would have thunk?!?!

oh oh, hold on. wait a minute... i just peered into a hardcover large print dictionary and found that i was fooled by a computer dictionary again. gosh i hate that!!!!! AH HA! LEARNED is as valid as we all thought ... YESSSS!!!! But it is still new to me that LEARNT is a valid alternative and not slang. Hmmm... is this an "ain't-isn't" thing? If you have more insight, please share:

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