We love the Al Gore "Climate Crisis" organization. But I can't get Tipper out of my head when it comes to the Gores being involved with ANY rock and roll. Don't forget that she is the person that made it her mission to take her belief that rock and roll was evil (Satanic!) to DC... months of debate with iconic defenders such as Frank Zappa. This merging of Rock and Roll and the Gores is as ironic as anything can be. Thank goodness Mr. Gore has been able to significantly raise awareness for our Mother Earth. I'm continually surprised at the denial of so many people about our home planet. The film is brilliant and the dramatizations are necessary to get everyone's attention and motivate them to do something. It has fun special effects. I'd still love to hear Tipper publicly declare that she's sorry about the Rock and Roll harassment, has changed her mind, and why:-) THAT could significantly aid in drawing attention because it has become very popular (internationally) to confess and repent publicly. May the Gores continue with health and longevity in this righteous endeavor to save our planet! Congratulations on the Nobel Peace Prize! But,
shouldn't that prize have gone to the good people who created the film and it's movement for the cause? hmmm...

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