Casual Whisper Alert!

We had wonderfully cooler weather then a great rainstorm, but today (Thu. Nov. 9) is a hot one for me 70's (sigh). All the mosquitoes and bitin' bugs had gone and are back with a vengeance today. Those Robins would've hung around longer during their migration south last weekend if they knew it was going to warm us again. They love our yard during migration. They're so cute when altogether by the dozens. It's very difficult for them to guard their own territory when they overlap. The fattest ones were in the dried leaves, scratching underneath and the others were at their traditional posts around the edges of the lawn and on it. A very young teensy chipmunk liked chasing them away from his favorite places to collect acorns. I hope some of you enjoy the cooler months as much as I do.

I am trying to finish a Whisper step-by-step about Garth and The Dofasco representative, Kevin (must get his last name) presenting the award to Ronnie. I have to get the names of the other musicians, but Garth played accordion with a few gentlemen to top off a nice 2006 awards ceremony in Hamilton.

I've got to eat, bathe, pack, make phone calls, check-out, boogie on up the highway to Toronto, check-in, make more phone calls, finalize the CBC stuff, go to rehearsal, meet with people, wish I was resting, but keep going until all is over for the day (probably around 1 or 2 AM). Glad I was born an adventurer:-) Yeah, sock it to me! I may lose my mind and body, but keep on ticking! If Tesla was alive today, I would probably ask him to experiment on my body instead of machines. Then I could rest, work, play, rest, work, play, instead of work, work, work, work, work. I'm not complaining though. I LOVE MY WORK!!! It brings blessings with it. The first blessing is having Garth in my life and the Lord trusting me with that. The second blessing is that the first blessing proves the Lord has an infinite sense of humour. Once I remind myself of that, I can do anything... and laugh, "Ha Ha" at the adversities. And if adversities persist, His all-knowing humour brings out a side of my talent He gave me from birth (to be discovered later-in-life)... and that is to live up to two nicknames that have settled many unruly situations... in the west I am called Earthquake by some rascals, and in the east, Hurricane (after fording through a hurricane day and night on a highway and still meeting deadlines).

Well, that's enough about me. I am pleased to have this place to share with you and that you come to read it. I hope the Lord blesses Dave Zuck, our webmaster with health and happiness for all he makes happen for us and for you. Hope to meet more of you as we travel through life. Please introduce yourselves when possible. Hamilton has some readers, who I have found on this trip, are also friends in myspace. So I hope to receive e-mails here and messages there from you. Please be patient concerning responses. It is impossible to respond, but I seem to squeeze it in from time to time.

We both want to thank you all for your kindness and interest. Your support is important to us and lets us know we are doing the right thing by Garth coming out of his private laboratory to be with those who want to hear his music. We will continue as long as you want us to and we are able. Bless you all. I'll write more as soon as I can.

Oh! I don't want to sign off before offering A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN HAMILTON, ONTARIO for another wonderful visit to your city!!! You always treat us with hearts of gold and make us want to come back soon.

Love you like crazy!
Maud Hudson

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