Here is an excerpt I found interesting, Woodstock Times, Aug 17:

Test your fear of darkness - this week
by Bob Berman

You wake up to a creaking sound. Your eyes strain at shadowy forms. A flitter of primal dread competes with a rational attempt to dismiss it as the wind, the cat, anything benign. You have experienced the most common and ancient fear - fear of the dark.

This week we'll all have a chance to test our aversion to - or love of - natural darkness. It's the "dark of the moon" for an entire week, with the pre-midnight heavens as inky as it ever gets. Moreover, the background sky is unusually dark too.

The space between the stars is always aglow. This natural background light is mostly "airglow" - our atmosphere's atoms excited by solar particles. This sky-wide diffuse aurora delivers enough light to see by, even on the most rural country road, unless overhanging trees obstruct the sky. It is usually much brighter than the combined light of all the stars. But this year airglow has fallen to its lowest level because we've now reached sunspot minimum - the nadir of the 11-year sunspot cycle. This cranks down the brightness of the background sky.

The combo-plate of dark moon and dark sky will give us, exceptionally dark nights until next weekend (August 26). ........

I like these lyrics from:
Come On Feel The Lemonheads (1993)

(E. Dando/T. Morgan)

If I was in the fridge, would you open the door?
If I was the grass, would you mow your lawn?
If I was your body, would you still wear clothes?
If I were a booger, would you blow your nose?
Where would you keep it?
Would you eat it?
I’m just trying to give myself a reason
For being around

If I was the front porch swing, would you let me hang?
If I was the dance floor, would you shake your thang?
If I was a rubber cheque, would you let me bounce
Up and down inside your bank account?
Would ya trust me
Not to break you?
I’m just trying really hard to make you
Notice me being around

If was a haircut, would you wear a hat?
If I was a maid, could I clean your flat?
If I was the carpet, would you wipe your feet
In time to save me from mud off the street?
If you like me
If you love me
Would you get down on your knees and scrub me?
I’m a little grubby, from just being around.

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