Here is a memory from 1969 of a very young draftee in Malibu who begged us all to shoot him in the foot so he wouldn't have to go to Vietnam: He was much too young and completely terrified. His brother wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. Told him about my girlfriend's brother in Utah who got sent home from Vietnam after being shot in the foot. Well, this Malibu kid got drunk enough for courage and shot himself in the foot anyway! Then I told him the army took my girlfriend's brother back to Vietnam after 8 weeks. I never saw that poor young lad again. Hope he went to Canada though he didn't want to go anywhere. Never had the chance to tell him that my friend's brother was sent home from Vietnam a second time after being shot in same foot soon after he returned to duty. Her brother wanted to go back into active duty after that second hit, but he had to stay home and ended up with a limp. God bless him and the scared young man. They both went through heck. War... is a supreme test. They both believed in PEACE. Bless them.

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