While reminiscing about Richard Manuel today, I thought to share a recipe for his favorite sandwich: 2 slices organic wheat bread, a very thick layer of peanut butter, and one gigantic slice of red onion.

When Richard and Arlie stayed with us at our ranch in Malibu (1978), Richard would try to talk me into taking a bite of one of those sandwiches and I wanted nothing to do with it... my imagination had me horrified at the thought. One day he finally cornered me and I gave-in to a bite... ew, I held my breath... then began chewing it. WOW! What a surprise! The peanut butter and wheat made the onion taste sweet and vice versa. It kept the peanut butter from sticking to your mouth too much and made quite an impression on me. Yum! I've yet to convince anyone else to try it too. Go ahead and try it sometime and you will see what a great sandwich it is.

Thanks Richard! I would have never known.

(Webmaster Note: Posted on Saturday, 03/04/06.)

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