• I was watching Festival Express tonight on Showtime and I noticed a bit of creative cinematography... well, more editing than camerawork really. I called Garth from his desk to verify what I thought I saw. During The Weight... When the camera shows Garth at the organ, he is in actuality playing the piano while you watch him play the organ. Richard was playing the organ while they showed Garth playing. You can see Richard at the organ in several long shots. I'm sure someone must have noticed before I did. Knowing they didn't have a lot of great footage, it could be they didn't have good or any footage of Garth at the piano. It was very clever. Okay, here is what Garth said, "Before we began The Weight, I got up and exchanged seats with Richard for the entire song." Garth and I enjoyed a few laughs at this discovery.

• Having a great time preparing for our LIVE at the WOLF CD release concert at the Hamilton Music Scene Festival in Ontario, Canada. Hope you can come celebrate with us on November 19th! It will be a great weekend of music. Daniel Lanois performs the night before on the 18th and is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Awards Ceremony on the 20th. We will be signing CDs after the show. Come say hello!

• At the sound check for the Awards Ceremony on Sunday for the Hamilton Music Scene Festival, we began our rehearsal and the sound coming out of my microphone made me sound terrible. I felt like something was wrong with my voice and I shouldn't be singing today. The sound engineer did everything he could but my "S's" were overpowering any word I sang. Real edgy and cold. Then at one point Daniel Lanois walked up and said "Could you please try such-and-such microphone. I think that would work best." And then the first note I sang sounded perfect, Lanois saved the day. And whatever I wanted to sing thereafter worked beautifully. And I sang It Makes No Difference.

Thank you Daniel. You are my hero!!!

(Webmaster Note: This was transcribed from a phone call with Maud late last night. The show was a great success with their awesome band, The Best!. Reviews are forthcoming. And I'll find out the name of that microphone too. Maud & Garth also wish to thank everyone, but I couldn't keep up with all the names. So please check back for more stories after they return home.)

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