• I would like to invite those interested to submit a recipe to post here that is unusual yet simple to prepare.

We are also looking for submissions of children’s stories and songs written by children to share with children for our Family Room and the Hudson Library when we put those pages up.

Please do not hesitate to submit recipes and stories to:

• Thought it was about time to stop what I’m doing and write a few words about some of the fantastic stuff going on. Just a quick note...

Garth and I are very excited about the releases coming out right now... both archival and new. Isn’t it great? We miss Rick and Richard so much and these releases are very dear to our hearts. I hope you can find copies in a store near you on their release dates, but why wait when you can order online at Other Peoples Music? Glad to hear some of you have ordered copies already.

Don’t forget to pick up copies of The Band: A Musical History!.. and maybe that lovely No Direction Home too. You get to hear Garth and the guys a lot!

• I am compelled to tell you about what is happening in front of my face.

I was watching the mourning doves put on quite a display in the trees out my window. A couple gray squirrels came into view, tried to catch one of the doves without success. The mourning doves continued distracting the squirrels from their nests. Quite a display with the trees churning in every direction at once. They were all worked up.

Suddenly, everything stopped...
A crow quietly descended (maybe undetected) to the ground at the base of those particular trees, held still and watched. The gray squirrels raced away deeper into the woods and out of view. The Mourning Doves completely disappeared... everything was dead silent.

The crow then swept up from the ground, through the trees, grabbed something from a tree and took it to the ground behind the stone wall in one movement. Must have been an entire nest.

Then I noticed the real reason the forest emptied itself and became still... There on a branch sat one of those destructive little hyper demons called a red squirrel... twitching it’s tail and generally pleased with his power over all other creatures in the area. His beauty obvious as shafts of sunbeams streamed through the morning mist and set his red fur ablaze. He looked at the crow. The crow then left the woods altogether and disappeared beyond the meadow.

The squirrel became bored and went up and down so many trees so fast that my eyes could not keep up. He leapt to the pine trees and off he went deeper into the woods.

There was a moment of suspended time as the forest took a slow deep breath. The mourning doves returned as did many other birds. The baby chipmunks started eating, gathering and storing acorns. All is well.

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